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Incline and Favela Family:



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Incline and Favelaman


Favelaman, Incline, Fabio Nego,
Bob Fray, Jackstone Dias


Incline, Inigo Pathon, Matt Trump


Kevin Irlen, Incline, Jackstone Dias,
Favelaman, Sam Holmstok

Incline and Favela Family. Together since 2000, Calvin Incline and Celso Guimarães

are the soul of Jamaican reggae and the swing of Rio samba.

Creating a groove fusion of reggae, jazz, bossa nova and soul music with a

vibe that will take your heart beats and the air in your lungs.

With the album My People and the single Talk to me,

the duo was accompanied by renowned musicians such as:

Bobby Fray vocals, Drummie Zeb drums, Glen Grant drums, Nathan Sabanayagam drums,

Sarah Brindell vocals, M-Talewa bass, Zack Brines pianos , Will Holland guitars and acoustic guitars,

Alex Gonzales guitar, Kevin Irlen guitar, Jeevas Silva trombone,

Jackstoni Dias bass, Andreas Gonzales bass, Inigo Rizo Phaton bass,

Yusaku Yoshimura keyboards, Nate Edgar bass. ​


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Incline and Favela Family

Incline and Favela Family

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