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Who we are:


             Celso Guimarães       Mádhava Marchiori Guimarães        Nimai Marchiori                 Reyson Carlomagno                    Luiz Estellita

We are an Art Production and a Record Company and  Seal that carries out various proposals, from the creation of events to musical projects and artistic releases. Four thinking heads, the result of the contemporary art of musicians, poets, DJs, ideas, desires and good vibes, always bringing the most varied ramifications of culture and rhythms. ​ ​ Our goal is to spread the art through the interaction of different segments. We believe that culture is the great driver of a thinking and progressive

society in a harmoniously globalized world. ​


Celso Guimarães - Educator, multi-instrumentalist, phonographic producer and sound designer, graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston). He lived outside Brazil for 30 years with passages through Europe, Africa and the USA, traveling to 39 countries in works with great names in global music: Sting, Elvis Costelo, Celine Dion, Marleys Family, Yami Bolo, Naná Vasconselos, Incline, China Smith, James Taylor, Ben Taylor, The Cure, Alan White (Yes), Jeff Derby, Simple Red, Toots and Maytals, Entrain, Radio FX, Accept Regret, Gloria Gainors, Carbim Pression, Kim Asher, Boston Pops, among many others. ​


Mádhava Marchiore Guimarães - graduated in journalism from Estácio de Sá and screenwriter graduated from the Brazilian Institute of Audiovisual School of Cinema Darcy Ribeiro. She had stints in Asia, Europe and South America in anthropological studies of these different regions of the planet. ​


Nimai Marchiori - Programmer graduated in Computer Science from UNIFESO. Video and

photo editor, both static and aerial (drone) and in 360º. He also spent time in

Asia and Europe developing studies in the area of ​​images. ​


Reyson Carlomagno - Graduated in Industrial Design from Escola de Belas Artes - URFJ, he has already worked as a director, producer, educator in editing and finishing for audiovisual, designer of 2D/3D projects, in projects such as the opening of the program "Fantástico" (Rede Globo ), "Sesame Street", "José do Egito" (Rede Record), among many others. In addition to a postgraduate degree in 3D animation, storyboard for cinema, video and animation cinema. ​

Luiz Estellita - Graduated in philosophy from PUC-Rio, with a specialization in dramaturgy from Michigan University (Fiction on literature) and Shakespearean theatrical discourse from Stanford University – listener. He studied Greek and Sanskrit in addition to texts originating in India (Bhagavad Gita,

Dakshina Tantra Sutras) receiving an initiatory title from the Maharaj in Rishikesh, India.

He trained in Freudian Psychoanalysis.

A playwright, he has written plays such as Quero ser Ziraldo, Eus, Dhrama - with João Falcão, Pai and Mania de Explicação - with Adriana Falcão, among others. Winner of numerous awards, including the Association of Theater Critics of the State of São Paulo and the National Foundation for Children's and Youth Books. Audio-visual scriptwriter, he worked as a script analyst for Viva Filmes Rio. Artistic director and show production director, he currently works as artistic, personal and business advisor, marketing and digital media manager, independent editor and publisher.


Much pleasure!

We are the Collective Rasta Cultural Productions

#CulturaGeraEmprego   #AmeForadaCaixa # ReFutureSe ​


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