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Tanaka and Favela Family:

Favela Family - Why_ (09_11 Dedication)Artist Name
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Tanaka. Originally from New Orleans - USA, the singer has a unique voice. Why? was the song chosen for the documentary about the 9/11 attack by the White House press office, during the

George W. Bush administration. The song recorded at Hot Box Studios by singer-songwriter Lionel Richie,

was produced and arranged by Celso Guimarãres (FavelaMan).

It features Tanaka, rapper Budd and multi-Grammy award-winning musician and producer  D-Funk on guitar and bass. ​ With three tracks: Intro, instrumental and full version of Why?

The music is a mixture of hip hop, guitar solos full of reverberation, the beat of the

carioca tambourine and the swing of the streets of New Orleans.


Tanaka and Favela Family won the hearts of orphans in the Twin Towers.

We keep them burning!

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